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Top 10 Animated Films

August 21, 2011

Warning: the following list has the potential to cause some heavy debate.


I think the greatest aspect of the animation realm is that it is possibly the closest thing to re-creating our imagination than anything else. The best part about a good animation is that it pulls it off in a way that seems so realistic, even when we know what we’re seeing isn’t real.

The beauty of animation is that it’s not limited to one genre and it reaches across all types of demographics, which is the reason I’ve given this post a warning disclaimer at the top. So many people watch animations; they’re all so different, and therefore people are going to have greatly varying opinions on which animations are the best.

I encourage this debate.



10. Howl’s Moving Castle

If you’ve heard of Hayao Miyazaki, and have watched any of his films, then you are most likely a fan. Howl’s Moving Castle is a brilliantly made hand-drawn animation that captures the fact that animated films are not limited to the country and language they are made in. The version of this film I watched had been dubbed in English, and the film is magnificent. I really do recommend watching this man’s films if you get the chance.

9. Shrek

DreamWorks did a great thing when they made Shrek. They used perhaps almost every classic fairytale character and brought them all together in this fairytale animation. Shrek is great for kids, and perhaps even better for adults. Its humour connects with all ages, and I believe this a sign of great writing. The producers showed audiences they weren’t a one trick pony with the sequel Shrek 2, which proved to be almost, if not as good as the first. They probably should have left it there, as Shrek the Third left viewers bitterly disappointed compared to the success of the first two. The fourth and final in the series was a good bookend to the series, but nothing could compare to the brilliance of the first 2 films in the Shrek series.


8. The Incredibles

Pixar got onto a pretty incredible roll with the animated films they produced, and The Incredibles was part of that roll. Pixar did everything right in this movie, as they do in most, if not all of their animations. The character’s were hilarious, the style of animation suited the film’s themes brilliantly, and they did a fantastic job with a concept that is seen a fair bit, and therefore has the potential to bomb. Well played Pixar.


7. Tarzan

I recently saw this film on T.V. again and it occurred to me how great a movie it is. It has great characters, an awesome soundtrack by Phil Collins and a very touching story. This film may very well be the last of the classic traditionally animated Disney films.


6. Monster’s Inc

Monster’s Inc is another one of those brilliantly crafted Pixar animations. It’s wonderfully paced, has some huge laughs all throughout as well as a very moving finale. In case you didn’t know, there’s currently a sequel in production for release in 2013. As a result of the brilliance of Monster’s Inc, I will definitely be the first in line to watch this film at the cinema.


5. Finding Nemo

I cannot remember how many times I watched Finding Nemo when it was released. Sure, I was still young, but when you’re in 6th Grade you can still determine what’s a good film, and what isn’t – and Finding Nemo was, and still is one of the greatest animations. It definitely didn’t hurt that one of the film’s main locations was none other than Sydney, Australia, but it could’ve been Antarctica and it would still come in at no less than number 5 on my top 10 animations list.


4. The Lion King

Disney became known for producing classic animations with musical numbers in them, and The Lion King is nothing short of being one of these classics. It really is so tough trying to sum up why I think one of my childhood classics is so good, because there’s never just one reason why. Perhaps the standout feature of this film is the opening sequence, which I believe is one of the greatest opening sequences of all animated films – and there are some darn good ones out there. When a film can claim the title of ‘the greatest opening sequence,’ you know you’re in for an awesome film.


3. Aladdin

Robin William’s is the master of comedy, and he truly shines in this outstanding Disney Animation, Aladdin. Have you ever wondered why animated films now feature well-known actor’s voicing characters? Well, it all began with Robin Williams. Williams’ Genie character is just one of the many brilliant aspects of Aladdin – of which there are too many to list right here, but trust me, this is an exceptional film.


2. Beauty and the Beast

Who can beat the idea of human’s being transformed into different objects in a castle? This film is a wonderful underdog tale, and a film that can make a character as horrid and mean as the beast so likeable by the end is genius. There are so many wonderful aspects of this film, such as the depth and diversity in the many characters, the spectacular scenery or the fantastic musical numbers. What ever it might be, this film is of the highest quality.


1. Toy Story 1, 2 and 3

It is impossible to separate Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 from each other on this list. They are all as good as the other, and the fact that there are 3 of them makes life even better. Without the Toy Story films, my childhood, and even my adulthood (with the release of Toy Story 3), would not be the same, just a little worse – and that’s saying a lot. They are films full of huge laughs; great passion, brilliant story lines and perhaps the greatest aspect of all are the fantastic characters. These films (or at least the first 2) had me convinced that my toys were alive, and it made me super concerned about their safety and wellbeing. It takes a tremendous film to achieve a feat like that.

Let me assure you that this has been an outrageously hard list to conjure up, perhaps the hardest one to date. Do you agree or disagree with the films I’ve included in my list? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


The Top 5 Best Movie Sequels by Sam

July 12, 2010

I’m sure most of you know of the idea that a sequel is always much worse than the original. In most cases, this is the case. But every once in a while, there is the occasional sequel that matches the originality, creativity and finesse of the first one. I decided I would assemble a list that I think are the greatest movie sequels.

Let me highlight that when I say sequels it can include trilogies, quadrilogies, sagas and so forth. Also, I am not confined to selecting an entire series of films (e.g. I can select the 3rd film from a quadrilogy, without having to select the entire quadrilogy). Does that make sense? I’ll assume you said yes.

And on that note, let’s begin.

Top 5 Best Sequels

5. Shrek 2 (2004)

Directed by Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury and Conrad Vernon
Shrek 2 Poster
Shrek 2 was a sequel to one of the many great-animated features, Shrek. I remember seeing this film at the cinema with my family and thinking, wow, to think they have still got it in them to write a sequel that is on par with the greatness of the first film. It’s a shame that can’t be said about the third film. The fourth one is much better, but still not up to the standards that those first two set.

4. The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

Directed by Paul Greengrass
Bourne Ultimatum PosterLet me tell you a funny story about my first viewing of The Bourne Ultimatum. I was sitting in the cinema watching the film, and when the final 15-20 minutes of the film came, all of the audio just cut out. We all missed the explanations and twists that the film brought, and so I was extremely disappointed, and for some reason I blamed the film. When I gave it a second chance on DVD, I was extremely glad. In my opinion this film is better than the first two – the raw, edgy camera work, the awesome storyline, and the fast paced action are all elements that added to the greatness that this film is – and so Ultimatum joins the list.

3. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

Directed by Peter Jackson
Return of the King posterWhat is there to say about The Lord of the Rings trilogy? It is an awesome trilogy, arguably the best of all time, and not only did both The Two Towers and Return of the King make a great contribution to the trilogy, Return of the King even surpassed the greatness of the second and possible even the first– a feat rarely seen.

2. Toy Story 2 (1999) & Toy Story 3 (2010)

Directed by John Lasseter (Toy Story 2) and Lee Unkrich (Toy Story 3)
Toy Story PosterAgain, there is not much to say about the Toy Story films that will sum up their greatness. Toy Story 1 and 2 are among the list of my favourite childhood films. I could watch them over and over, come to think of it; I still can watch them over and over. I love movies like this that never grow old, no matter what age group a person belongs to. And not only did Toy Story 2 meet the expectations of the first film, 11 years later in the year of 2010, Toy Story 3 did too. What a brilliant series of films!

1. The Dark Knight (2008)

Directed by Christopher Nolan
The Dark Knight PosterOf course, it is the one and only! Christopher Nolan set the standards high when he rebooted the Batman franchise with Batman Begins. This new world we saw Batman living in was dark and decrepit – and we loved every second of it. Little did we know three years later Nolan was working on a bigger and better sequel known as The Dark Knight. Not only is this one of the greatest sequels ever produced, it’s actually one of the greatest stand-alone films to be produced. It clearly is no surprise then, that this film gets the title of Number 1 for my list of the Best Movie Sequels.

Let me know if you have any other sequels you thought should’ve been on the list, or if you think any of the sequels I’ve listed shouldn’t be on there.

By the way, soon to come – a list of the Top 5 WORST Movie sequels.