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Top 10 Chick Flicks

June 12, 2011

Well, what do I have to say? There’s a time in every man’s life where we must release the pride, and admit to not only watching our fair share of chick flicks, but enjoying them too. Admit it fellas, we all like a good chick flick, and I emphasise good, cause we don’t just like any. But here’s my top 10 list of Chick Flicks.

10. Mean Girls

I’m not too ashamed to admit this movie thoroughly entertains me. I mean, one of the funniest ladies still working today wrote it, Tina Fey, and she sure knows how to write a decent, and entertaining chick flick.

9. A Walk to Remember

This film is the definition of chick flick. Regardless, I have found it to be a well-made film, and it therefore earns a place in the top 10.

8.Four Weddings and a Funeral

Rowan Atkinson is the standout in his few scenes in this movie, but there’s a pretty decent storyline to follow, and it’s pretty funny too.


7. Jerry Maguire

A great movie of its own accord – therefore making it one of the better quality films in the ‘chick flick’ genre. Tom Cruise delivers a fine performance in this film although is overshadowed by the great Cuba Gooding Jr. The quality of this film is also reflected in its numerous award nominations and wins it recevied.


6. The Holiday

I have a feeling that not so many of you will agree with me on this one, but believe it or not, I enjoy this film every time I watch it, and I’ve seen it quite a few times. You either love him or hate him, and I am a big fan of Jack Black’s. And I believe he performs exceptionally in this film. Not to mention one of the great actresses of our time, Kate Winslet, momentarily taking her eyes off Oscar gold to go romantic comedy for a change. Good stuff!


5. 10 Things I Hate About You

Heath mate, you are a legend. This was his shot to stardom, and out of all the chick flicks he could’ve chosen, he definitely chose the right one.

4. The Wedding Singer

I enjoy Adam Sandler’s romantic comedies, and The Wedding Singer is no exception. Similarly to 50 First Dates, Sandler and Drew Barrymore play off each other brilliantly, and it provides some super entertainment. This, in my books, makes for a great chick flick.

3. Love Actually

Richard Curtis wrote some great films prior to making his directorial debut in 2003 with a not so little known rom-com known as Love Actually. Often star-studded films become all about the stars, and lose the story, yet Curtis proves that this isn’t always the case with this popular chick flick.

2. The Notebook

Well, what can I say, it pulls out all the clichés in the book, but it does it in such a unique way. Ironic huh? But still, whilst this film is labelled as a chick flick, it feels so much more than that in its own right.


1. The Princess Bride

Not only is the film the greatest chick flick of all time, it’s actually one of my favourite films period. Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin and Andre the Giant are legendary in this film, as are the rest of the cast. The brilliant story and the music intertwined with the sword fights = mind blowing. An extremely comfortable number one in this list.

Okay, pride back in, no more talking about chick flicks. It’s your turn. What are your favourite chick flicks of all time?


Top 10 Tearjerkers by Sam

July 29, 2010

I’ll be dead honest with you. I have cried in a movie before. And when I say cry, I do not mean sob and make moans and groans. I mean something drops in my heart and water comes to my eyes, and perhaps a tear or two will drop down my cheek and onto the floor.

If we’re being honest with each other, I think most people would fall under this category of having a tear fall out of ones eye at some stage of their life. Or even that “heart drop” feeling we get when watching a movie that is incredibly emotional. Whatever our reaction may be; we generally call this type of movie a “tearjerker.”

Here is my compilation of what I consider to be the top 5 tearjerkers. (Some of them may surprise you.)

Update: When I first compiled this list, I struggled to think of more than 5 tearjerkers, but once completed, with help from the suggestions people had for me, I realised I had missed out on some key emotional movies. So I decided to make this list a Top 10 Tearjerkers, and as you will see, the list below is amended.

10. The Notebook (2004)

Directed by Nick Cassavetes

Yes, this film is probably one of the highest regarded chick flicks there is, but it isn’t as conventional as your usual modern-day chick flick. I haven’t ever actually physically cried while watching this film, but the ending is quite sad all the same. Hence, it’s number 10 on the list.

9. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Directed by Gabriele Muccino

Will Smith gives a stellar performance in The Pursuit of Happyness as the real life Chris Gardener. The amount of turmoil that Smith’s character undergoes is tremendous, and it makes that final scene where Smith walks out of the interview such a happy, albeit emotional sequence.

8. My Girl (1991)

Directed by Howard Zieff

I don’t think I’ve ever watched this film entirely. But I’ve seen enough to get quite upset whilst watching it. I don’t think many people would expect what happened in this film to actually happen, and therefore it comes as quite a shock. It is quite a sad film, and it makes it to number eight.

7. Dead Poets Society (1989)

Directed by Peter Weir

This is a classic film, one of the many directed by Peter Weir (a home-grown Aussie, for those who don’t know). The final scene of this film is quite stirring, emotionally, in a highly respectful way. The scene I’m referring to is actually one of the most iconic and memorable scenes in film history. Oh captain my captain!

6. The Passion of the Christ


Directed by Mel Gibson

As a follower of Christ, The Passion was a hard film to watch. It was a really great film, and I recommend it, but don’t go into the film lightly. Expect to be shocked. I would definitely not classify this film as a “tearjerker,” but it is an extremely emotional film. To watch this graphic, and might I add, realistic portrayal of what they did to the creator of the universe is not easy, but it certainly opens up the viewers eyes as to how much Jesus went through to take away the sin of the world.

5. Cast Away (2000)

Directed by Robert Zemeckis

This was a great movie, and it all pretty much relied on Tom Hanks’ performance, and his interaction with the Island. Throughout the course of the film, I found myself being constantly impressed at the new skills Hanks would develop, and it became apparent that this island had become almost a home to him.

His relationship with his ball ‘Wilson’ was a great element of both humour and sadness to the script. It is ‘Wilson’ that actually provides one of the most moving scenes of the entire film, and I found myself struggling emotionally when first watching this scene. Heartbreaking.

4. The Green Mile (1999)

Directed by Frank Darabont

The Green Mile is a classic Darabont picture. Darabont is the vision and director behind the masterpiece, The Shawshank Redemption, and The Green Mile is another of Darabont’s masterpieces. Whilst I won’t spoil the plot of the film, it is quite an emotional journey, and does something inside of me each time I watch it.

3. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

Directed by Steven Spielberg

This is a great film by the great director, Steven Spielberg. If you’ve watched this film, then you would be lying to me if you said you didn’t get at least a little emotional during the course of this film. Who would have thought an alien could make me shed a tear?

2. Click (2006)

Directed by Frank Coraci

If you haven’t seen this film, you will be extremely confused by the inclusion of Click on this list. I’m not going to spoil the ending, but I will confess that I have shed a tear on three occasions when watching this film. I held it in when I saw it at the movies, and my most recent viewing on DVD I didn’t feel the emotion swell, but the other three times, it was a struggle. Enjoyable movie, great effort by Adam Sandler, and the ending was necessary for me not to feel overwhelmingly depressed.

1. La vita è bella (Life is Beautiful) (1997)

Directed by Roberto Benigni

I watched the last half of this film a few times when I was quite young, and it was quite impacting, and despite the fact that for some time I couldn’t quite remember the title of the movie, I remembered a few key scenes, and I knew it was a special film.

On watching it in more recent years, I came to the full realisation of the high quality of this film, and saw it as a masterpiece. Ironically, to the best of my memory, I never shed a tear whilst watching this film. But, it is an extremely emotional film and each time I watch it, I always wish the ending would change. But, alas, it doesn’t, and it rips my heart out to watch that final scene play out each time. Despite its great sadness, it is still a great ending. Therefore, La vita è bella sits as number one (quite deservedly) for the top tearjerkers.

What about you? Can you face the truth and admit to me a film (or even more) that you have shed a tear in? Or perhaps even felt emotionally stirred by the films content? Well feel free to confess all in the comments below.