Top 5 Disappointing Films by Sam

How disappointing are disappointing films. Yes, I know that seems like a fairly obvious observation, but nonetheless, have a think about, and it is very true (despite its blatancy). When you ponder the thought, a film that is disappointing obviously had you excited prior to watching the film for it to be disappointing – does that make sense? So therefore, not only is it annoying to watch a movie that isn’t good, but when you expect it to be good and it isn’t, then it’s even worse – disappointing some might say.


You’re right, enough complication, and more list making.





5. Public Enemies (2009)


I was somewhat nervous about this film when I heard Mann had indeed decided to film it in the HD format rather than traditional 35mm film, as I think only very few films are suitable for this look, and a 1933 Crime Drama film definitely does not suit the look. I was right, and I found the way it was filmed really detracted and distracted from the overall film.


Not only that, but the story was a little bit choppy, with prominent characters being killed off by word of mouth and rather offhandedly, as if the writer or director didn’t care too much for keeping the audience in on what was happening.


Whilst it wasn’t a bad film per se, and featured a brilliant ensemble cast, particularly with Depp in the lead role, who was outstanding as usual, I just think it could have been a whole lot better, and in the end for me, it was quite disappointing.


4. Year One (2009)


I saw a clip from this film quite early on before its release. It featured Jack Black and Michael Cera watching a fight between Adam Cross and Paul Rudd who were playing Cain and Abel respectively. I found it to be hilarious and instantly was anticipating the release of the film.


When the film was released some time later, my interest has somewhat waned, and I never actually got to seeing the film at the cinema.


It was only when I received the DVD of Year One for Christmas that I was able to watch the film. The only scene that I remember laughing at was the one I had seen previously, and by then (as you can imagine) it wasn’t as funny as when I had first watched it. There may have been some slight chuckles elsewhere, but the were awkward chuckles at best.


I must inform you that I had to turn the movie off about 3 quarters of the way through, to which the group watching it with me happily agreed, as we could not bear anymore.


It was tough watching what I thought was going to be one of the great comedies of 2009, become one of the few movies I have turned off before it has finished.


3. 10, 000 B.C. (2006)

With Roland Emmerich at the helm, the director of such films as Independence Day, The Patriot and The Day After Tomorrow, and being on the trail of Mel Gibson’s film, Apocalypto, a great film in my opinion, I thought 10,000 B.C. had something massive going for itself. I was wrong.


The acting was horrible, the script was poor, and it seemed like the only decent element were the Visuals. Very disappointing.


2. Miami Vice (2006)

Another Michael Mann film. Mann has made some strange decisions in his career, with one of them choosing to direct Miami Vice. Again, with a budget of roughly $135 million, a cast including Colin Farrell and Jamie Fox, and with a director such as Michael Mann, this film had great potential. It turned out to be one of the most boring, inconsistent films I have seen in a long time.


1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

I know this is the second list this movie has appeared in, but I can’t leave it out of this one, because it simply was such a disappointing film. It had all the potential that the first one produced, the same director, same cast and a massive budget, yet it failed miserably.



I’d love to hear of some of the most disappointing films you’ve seen, let me know in the comment box below!


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