Buried Film Review by Sam

Here at FilmStank, we pride ourselves on keeping our blogs and reviews as spoiler free as we can. When writing a review for Rodrigo Corés’ film, Buried, the task becomes a little difficult without ruining the entire movie for you, the reader. So, be aware that in the following review I will appear to be skimming the edges, and not really delving into the thick of it, and that’s just simply because – I am, in fact doing that. It is for your own benefit.


Let’s see how we go.

Okay, so the film was made on a small budget (in Hollywood standard’s at least) of about 2-3 million dollars, and this becomes quite apparent. In fact, my guess is that they spent most of the budget getting a big name such as Ryan Reynolds, and then used the rest for whatever else they could get their hands on. It payed off, getting Ryan Reynolds, who delivers arguably the most standout performance of his career yet, and really thrusts himself into the character of Paul Conroy, a truck driver who has been buried alive.

The way that this film was made, using one on-screen actor, one location and one set really helped sell the story that the film centred around. All these elements gave that “realistic” tone that a film with a similar story using more elements would struggle to achieve.


At times I found myself breathing heavily, trying to preserve my breath as Reynolds’ character did the same. I felt somewhat enclosed and got a great sense of that claustrophobic atmosphere Cortés was obviously trying to achieve. The tone and the mood of the film were achieved through Cortés’ great use of cinematography and muffled sounds.


Finally, the soundtrack that so elegantly backed what was being displayed to the audience on screen was more than appropriate, employing the use of just simple strings that built the tension when necessary, and played nothing. The silence in this film was all-important. A well thought out score.


At this point, it is with great regret that I must stop. I have squeezed out as much writing as I possibly could without giving any crucial plot points away, and to write anything more could risk repetition.


A simplistic yet elegant film.


4 out of 5.

4 Film Reels

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One Comment on “Buried Film Review by Sam”

  1. CMrok93 Says:

    I was on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. My mind is always racing to try to understand how they are going to save it. Do you think that things like this happen all the time is very difficult to understand, but it does not happen regularly.

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