Inception Review by Sam

One word: Inception.

Once in a while there is a film that blows every person who watches the film away. The people of 2010 have been blessed enough to have that been already done previously by Toy Story 3. But animation is, I think, an easier-to-please type of film to make.

I would call myself a very big follower of Christopher Nolan. The first film of his that I watched was The Prestige. I was blown away. The second was The Dark Knight, and I was fanatical about the quality of that picture. And then I watched the films prior to The Dark Knight, and it became apparent that Nolan started at a high in his career, and just kept on going higher. So suffice to say, I was stoked to be sitting in the cinema, waiting for Inception to begin.

Christopher Nolan, you’ve done it again!

It is a difficult task to take such a complex subject, such as the dream, and turn it into a compelling, captivating two hours and forty minutes of screen time. Yet Nolan does it perfectly. It could’ve gone on for another hour, and with Nolan’s creativity, I would have been more than happy.

One of my first comments when walking out of the cinema was, “you have to be a genius to write a movie such as Inception.” And honestly, the level of thought that would’ve gone into that script, the creativity, and the process would have been arduous, but Nolan makes it look easy. The story was beyond mind blowing, and the script and the dialogue was so believable, I wouldn’t be surprised had people thought the content of this film was real.

Once again, Nolan’s direction of the images on the screen, along with his cinematography pal, Wally Pfister, creates something beautiful and visually amazing. It was truly a privilege to watch this masterpiece artwork on the screen.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception.

The acting was also brilliant. Leonardo DiCaprio is probably my favourite actor. His selection of movies of the past decade has been tremendous, to say the least. Every performance he gives is 100% believable, and I can only say the same about his performance in Inception. A brilliant supporting cast as well.

Without giving anything away, I will say that the ending of the film was outstanding. The way it ends is just in keeping with the intellectual integrity of the entire film, and it is the perfect ending to a perfect film. It is so hard to describe the beauty of it, without ruining what the actual ending is, so I will stop right there, and you will just have to trust me.

This movie is a moment in cinematical history. Christopher Nolan is a legend, and a genius for creating such a movie as Inception. 5 out of 5.

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3 Comments on “Inception Review by Sam”

  1. riki Says:

    i think i went in with too high expectations,
    and although the plot was good there were too many little things that werent explained well enough in my opinion,
    true he did do a great job and the acting espectially was superb, however i really wished the back story of some of the characters were more developed, especially cobbs “crew”, and their motives behind why they were doing what they were doing.

    • c.b Says:

      yeah sweet point, it would have been freakin lush if they gave us the heads up about the rest of the dudes.

      Killer movie though, top 3 all timer

  2. M.L Says:

    Thanks for your review Sam. I definitely agree that Leo DiCaprio is an outstanding actor. I thought Ellen Page was quite brilliant as well. I was a bit skeptical at what to expect at first, having only seen her act as a quirky teen in Juno, but she showed again what a quality actress she is and can now put Inception down on her growing resume.

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