Clash of the Titans 3D Review by Sam

When considering what movie to go and watch with my siblings at the cinema, this was one of the first choices to come to our minds. We hadn’t seen the original, so we didn’t know what to expect, but we all love great battle movies and we enjoy watching Aussies represent Australia in massive blockbuster films. This film ticked both boxes, but did it live up to its hype?

Yes and no.

Yes, I know that is a confusing answer, but I will do my best to explain.

Clash of the Titans Poster

First thing’s first, the 3D. Was it necessary? By no means! I was outraged at the fact that I had to pay that little bit more for a film was in 3D, and there was noreal difference! Usually when I watch a film in 3D, and I take my glasses off, I really struggle to see anything clearly on screen. When I momentarily took my glasses off to investigate, I found that I could have comfortably watched most, if not the entire movie without them!

Aside from the 3D not being up to standards, the story’s pacing was a little strange at times. Sometimes it was way too slow, and got a little enduring, and other times it was way too fast, and was hard to keep track of what was happening, what characters were dying, and so on.

Other than those two negative elements regarding the film, I found the film thoroughly entertaining.

Sam Worthington in Clash of the Titans

Sam Worthington as Perseus

Sam Worthington delivered a solid performance in his role as Perseus, although I did find it interesting to hear his Australian accent make an appearance every now and then. The supporting cast did the job well too, and made for an easy-to-watch film. Liam Neeson did great in his role of Zeus, despite my initial thought of an interesting casting choice.

Zeus and Hades

Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes gave a fairly solid performance, although it did remind me a little too much of his Harry Potter character, Voldemort.

Except for the few elements of confused pacing, the direction was fine, and did a good job at conveying the desired story and dialogue.

Of course, the main focus of the film is the crazy visuals and CGI. And there was a lot of it too! Each and every element of the film was emphasised by the use of extraordinary visuals. Audiences saw crazy battles with the giant scorpions, a stylish, unique design of Medusa and even Pegasus the flying horse. The visuals were most definitely the high point of Clash of the Titans, and added to the films great entertainment value.

I will point out that if you walk into the cinema thinking that it the story is going to be the highlight, and it’s going to be some epic tale that will leave you thinking months after viewing the film, you will be highly disappointed.

What it is: is a great, visually pleasing, action packed film. Nothing more, and it didn’t need to be anything more.

So what remain is a couple of questions. Is Clash of the Titans worth seeing at the cinema? Yes. Is it worth seeing in 3D? No.

Real D 3D Glasses

So, I can honestly say that I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire film, and was quite satisfied with our decision to watch it.

I give it 3.5 film reels.

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